Sunday, 28 February 2010

Social Inclusion

Social Inclusion

Two major assessment tools have been developed for social inclusion. One is the social inclusion 'Web' and the other is the 'Star' or 'Recovery Star'. The web can be viewed by clicking on the header link above.

Originally created by the National Development Team (NDT) the web is a simple and effective assessment tool based on five key social domains. The domains were identified as key in the research done in the late 90s and early 2000s around social inclusion.

On the web these domains appear as:

Education & Training
Arts & Culture
Faith & Cultural Communities
Volunteering & Befriending
Family & Neighbourhood

What makes the web unique for mental health is that it does not record or measure symptoms or diagnoses.  A client who wishes to record which services he or she accesses may include the psychiatrist or community mental health team.  However, the main purpose of the web is to record the client's involvement in mainstream.  More importantly, the web is there to identify client's goals and aspirations in terms of where he or she wishes to be in mainstream.

Next blog posting: The Web and the role of the Bridge Builder.

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