Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Mainstream and Spirituality

Spirituality has been identified as one of the key social domains relevant to an individual's mental health recovery. As a bridge builder for Faith & Cultural Communities, I am privileged to work with people who wish to prioritise this social domain in their lives.

Spirituality covers a wide range of needs and approaches. It can be worship-based or not. It can be part of formal attendance at church, mosque or temple. Equally, spirituality can be simply a wish to try out meditation, yoga or other disciplines purely for therapy or relaxation.

From a mainstream bridge builder's point-of-view, the only necessary component of spirituality for a recovering individual is that it should take place in a mainstream setting. This is consistent with all bridge building work, which seeks to prioritise people's rights to a mainstream life and one which is not confined to specialist settings or centres.

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