Thursday, 21 January 2010

Social Inclusion for the Artist

As a bridge builder for Arts & Culture, I meet clients with mental health conditions who wish to prioritise their goals for mainstream music, performance, composition, recording, collaboration and promoting. It could be one or all of these areas which a client wishes to work on as a life goal and a key part of his or her recovery.

Although the arts as a life domain has been identified as a highway for individual recovery and inclusion, there are often spin-offs into other areas.

Referral to a mainstream recording studio has led to one client launching a CD of her compositions as well as being commissioned to provide original music for a commercial website. The payments for this alone funded her recording and production sessions. Other clients referred to arts mainstream have gone on to become tutors and trainers in their chosen fields.

Arts as a life domain can not only be a pathway to recovery but also a pathway to employment and/or self-employment. The theraupeutic benefits of the arts have long been recognised - now it's the turn for the arts to be given their fair due as a positive route to work and employment.

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